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US Army Military Intelligence

ISR Training Course

The US Army needed a training course to refresh Intelligence Officers on the fundamentals of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance at Fort Huachuca, AZ.  We created a scenario based training program for their students.  This is just the intro, we can’t show you the rest or we would have to kill you...

To Provide Necessary Training, On Demand.

You need to get new team members up to speed now. eLearning means training exactly when and where you need it. See how the U.S. Military uses eLearning to keep Intelligence Officers up to date on the fundamentals.

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DTE Energy

Peaker Unit

Detroit Edison needed to capture and transfer legacy knowledge from their most experienced maintenance and repair personnel.  Expand documented the entire process, then reverse engineered a script and technology simulations to be narrated by the company’s own subject matter expert.

To Capture and Transmit Legacy Knowledge.

Extract critical knowledge from key team members. Make it available to everyone else. Watch how Detroit Edison seamlessly transferred detailed knowledge and processes to a new generation of technicians.

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  • Expand will make your eLearning project come alive. On time.

    Expand Interactive has years of experience creating comprehensive turnkey elearning programs for clients from the US military and multinational corporations to small business.

    We have an incredibly talented team of professionals who will quickly grasp your issues, create innovative and creative content, and respond instantly with exceptional customer service.

    Bottom line, we save you money.  And make you look good.

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  • Is your current in-person training too expensive? Too time consuming?

    It’s time to go eLearning.

    With eLearning, organizations can:

    • Offer training that’s on-demand, on the go, and on their schedule
    • Reduce costs by supplementing or replacing costly live training
    • Increase access to training
    • Keep learners engaged
    • Make sure the training message is exactly the same, every time
    • Instantly track, measure and improve training programs
    • Introduce reusable learning tools to your organization’s knowledge base

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